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Hydraulic Tooling Valve

Pressure compensated, proportional flow control tooling valve:

  • Operated entirely from any standard on / off solenoid valve.
  • Allows any standard on / off solenoid valve the ability to act as a high flow proportional / servo tooling valve by connecting into main system hydraulics or direct into output of auxiliary hydraulic system.
  • Enables most work class ROV the capability of a high flow tooling valve.
  • No need for software controlled proportional / servo tooling valves.
  • Very, very simple.
  • Self-adjusting drive system.
  • Very high flow capability.
  • 3000 psi / 207 bar pressure rating.
  • 50 gpm / 189 lpm flow rating.
  • View yellow indicator with spare tooling camera.

Weight: 14 kg
Dimensions: 180mm wide x 250mm height x 430mm long

-12 jic male fittings on flow control, -4 jic female fittings on
motor hoses, 3 mtr long -4 jic hoses cross port relief, motor
flow controls included.