VORTEX 2.5 Inch Dredge

The VORTEX 2 1/2 inch dredging system carries the same patent pending technology as our larger range of dredges making this the most powerful 2.5" inch ROV and diver dredge in the world. 

Operator safety has been considered with use of large, yellow name tags on all high pressure fittings and minimal component weightand comprehensive manuals.

Our environmental concerns are addressed through high efficiency, low energy demand hydraulic system negating the need for external compensator’s.

Our client’s have been considered with the most complete dredge system available on the market today.

Operational Features

  • Will operate on 15 lpm (3.9 gpm) and 140 bar (2030 psi)
  • A completely modular system with many installation options for a variety of ROV’s.
  • A very comprehensive list of components and spares in one kit dramatically lessens mobilization time and cost.
  • Parallel diameter over the entire Venturi dramatically reduces blockages.
  • Able to operate on very low hydraulic flow supplies.
  • Optional reverse flow feature

    2.5" Inch Dredge Specifications

    Download Specs

    2.5" Dredge Operation Manual

    Download Manual
    For help selecting the correct Vortex Dredge for your application, please visit the Choosing a Dredge Guide .


    Designed specifically for use on ROV systems with minimal auxiliary hydraulic flow, the Vortex 2-inch is particularly suited for use on electric ROV’s where an effective dredge unit has previously been unavailable.

    • Construction and drill support.
    • Salvage and marine science operations.
    • Relocation of drill cutting, mud, silt, sand, rocks.

      Suited to smaller ROV such as:
      SEAEYE PANTHER XT - Hydraulic supply available = 15 lpm at 140 bar
      SEAEYE COUGAR (and XT) - Hydraulic supply available = 15 lpm at 140 bar
      SEAEYE PANTHER PLUS XT - Hydraulic supply available = 15 lpm at 140 bar
      SUB-ATLANTIC COMANCHE - with appropriate hydraulic supply

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