VORTEX 6 Inch Dredge

The Vortex 6 Inch Dredge provides the most powerful ROV dredge solution for large sea operations that require the most effective extraction tools available. With Flow Rates of 60-80 ton per hour (based on iron sand and rocks at 2.375 KG/litre) you can be reassured that your time costs will be minimised significantly with the Vortex 6 Inch solution.

Vortex 6-inch Dredge Specifications

*Based on ironsand and rocks at 2.375 kg per litre

Debris removal rates (ton/hr)
Rated maximum stone size
Water pump flow
Suction hose diameter
Exhaust hose diameter
Inlet suction hose length
Exhaust throw length
Hydraulic flow required
Coupling compensator
Hydraulic pressure required
Overrun valve std
Direction run valve std
Operating depths
Operate pump in air
Flotation provided in kit
Available suction at inlet
Complete skid weight in air
Complete skid weight in water
Complete skid dimensions
Pilot to open check valve signal pressure
*60 to 80 ton per hour plus
140 mm
205 m3 /hr
6 in / (150 mm)
6 in / (150 mm)
6 mtr standard to custom length
1700 mm standard to custom length
100 lpm 26 gpm
206 bar (3000 psi)
Restricted only by flotation which is 3000 mtr standard rating
Standard is 19 in / hg (64 kpa) at 3000 psi and 100 litres per minute
220 kg
Neutral (depend on floatation configuration)
610mm high x 1300mm wide x 2050mm long
1000 psi minimum

6 Inch Dredge Specifications

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6 Inch Dredge Reversing Valve

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For help selecting the correct Vortex Dredge for your application, please visit the Choosing a Dredge Guide .

Vortex 6 Inch Dredge Video

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