VORTEX 6 Inch Modular Dredge

6 Inch SKID Mounted

This 6 inch modular dredge is a fully modular system designed for multiple integration options installing each component on the host ROV using the supplied brackets and frames.

This 6-inch dredge has shown under real world conditions to provide suction performance of 54 kpa. 

  • The Vortex 6-inch is very powerful, has no depth limitations and is quick and easy to mobilize and operate, it can also be test run in air.
  • The Vortex dredge equipment can be operated and maintained by the ROV crew, however it is advised Vortex personnel be involved in the initial set up and testing phase on each operation.
  • Clients need to see rapid deployment of hire gear. We have included a comprehensive range of the many brackets and fixtures the ROV operator commonly has to manufacture whilst offshore.
  • Optional flotation is also available.

6 Inch Hurricane

The Hurricane 6 Inch Modular Dredge requires more hydraulic input than our standard 6 inch and is suited to the more powerful ROV supplying 180lpm or more at 206 bar.

The Hurricane is capable of 80kpa or more.

Based on iron sand and rocks at 2.375kg per litre:

  • Debris removal rates (ton./hr) 80 ton plus
  • Venturiinner diameter [mm] 150
  • Rated maximum stone size 140 mm
  • Combined water pump flow = 360 m3/hrplus
  • Suction hose diameter 6 in / (150 mm)
  • Exhaust hose diameter 6 in / (150 mm)
  • Inlet suction hose length 4 mtrstandard to custom length
  • Exhaust throw length 1700 mm standard to custom length
  • Hydraulic flow required Flow = 47 gpm(180 lpm) Minimum
  • Coupling compensator = NO

6 Inch Modular Dredge Specs

Download Modular Specs

  • Hydraulic pressure required 206 bar (3000 psi) minimum
  • Overrun valve stdYES
  • Direction run valve stdYES
  • Operating depths Restricted only by flotation which is 3000 mtrstandard rating
  • Operate pump in air YES
  • Flotation -optional
  • Available suction at inlet Standard is 80 kpaplus
  • Optional Jetternozzle water pressure = 80psi plus (5.5 Bar plus)

6 Inch 'Hurricane' Dredge Specs

Download Hurricane Specs
Modular Dredge Layout

Operating limits

The operating limit for the Vortex HUIRRICANE 6-inch, will be the responsibility of the Senior ROV person on-site.
The limitation being the ability to safely deploy and recover the ROV system with the Vortex 6-inch attached. Care must be taken whilst during launch and recovery operations to prevent damage to all components of the dredge system and the ROV.

6 Inch Dredge Water Pump
Dredge Pump Only

Risks – Normal Operations

  • All personnel involved in deck operations shall be aware of the potential risk described hereafter.
  • Crane Handling (possible danger of e.g. heavy falling object)  
  • Launch and recovery of equipment over the side of the vessel
  • Personnel working over open sea (typical personnel working with launch and recovery of equipment from vessel 
  • deck or moon pool)
  • Object falling down from height (rocks following the equipment when recovering)
  • Working with equipment under pressure (hydraulics or water)
  • Hydraulic oil spillage

    6 Inch Modular Dredge User Manual

    Download Manual

    Vortex Product Brouchure

    Download Brouchure
    For help selecting the correct Vortex Dredge for your application, please visit the Choosing a Dredge Guide .
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