VORTEX Dredge Installation Guide

Please read all manuals BEFORE installation.
Remember, if you don't know, please ask.

VORTEX dredge systems are shipped with very comprehensive manuals. 
Like any equipment, It is important that the operator read our manuals and understand how to operate our equipment.
If the operator is unfamiliar with dredging procedures, further assistance can be gained from watching our videos which show the amount of material removal you should expect to see at the inlet nozzle. Removal rates may differ between clays, rocks and silts so please take this into account.
The first thing the operator must do is confirm the host hydraulic supply can and does supply the required hydraulic supply to suit the model of dredge chosen Please see our Choose a dredge graph for more information on hydraulic supply.
It is not uncommon for age, wear, operator error, manual inconsistencies and general host hydraulic system losses to degrade supply to below what the host specifications state.
A look at our Installation photos under the PHOTOS section will give an example of how the VORTEX dredge can be mobilized onto an ROV. There are many variables due to different ROV models but the principle remains the same.
Our modular system allows flexibility for the ROV crew to install the dredge kit where ever is practical bolted on the outside of the ROV using the supplied VORTEX frame - or individually inside the frame as shown in our photos.
The ability to contain the entire kit inside the ROV frame enabled the client to dramatically cut the reconfiguration time between dive tasks.
Follow our operations manual on the link below to take a good look at the components supplied within our VORTEX 4 inch ROV dredge kit.
If you have suggestions on further components we can supply that can assist your installation, please feel free to contact us so we can continue our ongoing product development to meet our customers needs.

Dredge Installation Comparison

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Vortex Product Brouchure

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