VORTEX Soft Line Cutter

Supplied with relief valve set to 2200 psi, this 'long reach' soft line cutter gives the option of putting more distance between the ROV and the work. Tested on 43 mm Kevlar reinforced ROV tether, taking only 500 psi to sever the tether this is a unique alternative to heavy anvil type cutters enabling smaller ROV to operate this tool. 

Opening gap = 84 mm, weight = 9 kg. 
Dyneema cutter / soft line cutter: Dyneema is incredibly strong, and by design, notoriously difficult to cut. 

Soft Line Cutter Specifications

Cutting force = 9900lb / 4490kg

Weight = 20kg

Standard ROV handle options = Fish tail or Multi grip.

Length = 815 mm

Jaw opening at tips = 102mm

Jaw opening at widest = 146mm

Hydraulic supply = 2000psi minimum.

Vortex Soft Line Cutter Spec Sheet

Download Cutter Specs

Vortex Product Brouchure

Download Brouchure

Dyneema Cutter ROV Video

Shown are test samples cutting 60mm Dyneema. SK75 cut with one pass. Also shown is a 5000kg rated lifting strop cut with one pass.

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