Subsea Oil Absorption Tool

Introduction and Assembly

Please find included one Subsea oil absorption tool system which has been built specifically for the purpose of absorbing hydrocarbon based contaminants from dilution in water. The funnel will need to be placed above the area of contamination so as to draw away contaminated water and pump it through the filter system. There is no known limitation to how much water can pumped through the filter system.

The Subsea oil absorption tool filter system has been seen to absorb 15 litres of EP80 oil at 50% filter saturation. These absorption rates may change depending on type and quantities of contaminants seen. The water pump out put pressure is restricted to prevent over pressurisation of filter units.


This kit will need assembly with included funnel Item 1, Inlet hose Item 2, Pump Item 3, Outlet hose Item 4 and filter frame Item 5. So the kit looks like this Fig 1.
You can orient the ROV handle on the funnel in which ever rotation suits your application. 
Pump mounting brackets are also supplied Item 9. 
You can mount the outlet nozzle Item 7 in which ever orientation suits your situation. 
The pressure reducing valve supplied Item 6 is set to restrict hydraulic supply from the ROV to the specifications required. 
Item 8 Is the water pump inlet.
Depending upon your installation, the filter frame may be required to mount vertically or horizontally as shown in these options. Orientation will not affect performance. Filter mounting brackets are supplied as shown.

Subsea Oil Absorbtion Tool Specs

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Vortex Product Brouchure

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