Marine Growth Sample tool


This tool is designed to remove samples of marine growth from it’s habitat, suck the samples from the removal area and contain the samples in one of seven numbered sample bags for the purpose of recovery to deck and further scientific analysis of the samples.

The tool is used in conjunction with a Vortex dredge pump and 2 inch Venturi to create the vacuum needed suck the samples to the bags.

Sample ‘bags’ are built with cam lock fittings to minimize on deck time of the ROV when swapping out used sample bags for new ones.

Sample bags are made of an inner liner with a sewn mesh with holes of approximately 1mm x 1mm square. The outer bag is a woven nylon mesh of approximately 1mm x 1mm square. The outer bag is only in place to protect the inner liner and its contents. The outer bag is re used on the next sample by fitting a new inner liner to lessen environmental footprint through recycling the outer bag.

The tool is supplied in a frame to simplify interface with host ROV.


Mount frame to ROV in a safe and secure location. Ensure sample bags cannot be obstructed by thruster wash. Fit dredge pump in safe and secure location on ROV, connect hydraulics as per dredge pump manual.

Connect hydraulic hoses from carousel location cylinder to ROV. Where applicable, fit flow control, / cross pilot relief block between ROV and cylinder as shown in following picture.

Function test carousel location cylinder and set sped of cylinder to gentle smooth operation so as to allow operator to view carousel mechanism shifting to next sample bag.

Install two tooling cameras to enable ROV operator to view carousel location indicator, mechanism, carousel bag numbers and importantly – observe the bags to ensure they are not being over filled.

NOTE: The sampling bags should not be run until full as over-filling the bags will damage the distributor valve surfaces, jam the distributor ports and compromise the function of the sampler.

  • Launch ROV and function test carousel through one entire cycle with dredge pump running. (see below). 
  • On location, Check that carousel indicator is at bag number one. 
  • Confirm on dive log ROV depth, habitat position, recording DVD time. 
  • Start dredge pump at lowest hydraulic flow / pressure setting. 
  • Begin scraping samples from habitat, wind up dredge hydraulics so as to attain enough suction to ingest samples into scraping head and into suction hose. 
  • Log sample as per clients request. 
  • Shut down dredge pump, shift carousel to number 2 location. 
  • Confirm dive log data. 
  • Continue to next depth and habitat location.

Marine growth sample tool. Bag assembly.

Marine Growth Bag Assembly

Marine Sample Tool Specs

Sample Tool Specifications

Vortex Product Brouchure

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