Vortex dredge solutions offer the highest suction on the market at 97kpa (28 in/hg) With years of experience servicing the oil and gas industry, we have developed robust and efficient ROV dredging and tooling solutions for a range of clients worldwide.

The PATENTED Vortex venturi is designed, manufactured and tested in New Zealand and shipped globally. We can also offer clients a range of custom dredge solutions to suit any dredging requirement even if there is not currently a commercially available system to suit. If you need a powerful but cost effective solution to your dredging needs, look over our range of dredging equipment or dredging tools.

We are global suppliers to Ashtead Technology who can offer everything from our range of dredging solutions worldwide.

 Clients Want Cost Reduction

As Vortex units are more efficient they can complete a work scope considerably faster than a comparably sized less efficient competing unit can. Our proven removal rates confirm this.
The efficiency of the Vortex tools will save on vessel time and reduce overall project cost compared to using less efficient competitors systems.
Our TORNADO 4 INCH DREDGE has 97kPa of inlet vacuum. Quite simply the highest published 4" ROV dredge suction figures on the market.
Our STANDARD 6 INCH DREDGE has 54kPa of inlet vacuum. This system performs at an exceptional levels for all seabed dredging needs.
Our  HURRICANE 6 INCH DREDGE  has 80kPa + of inlet vacuum. Quite simply the highest published suction figures on the market.

Why is Vortex Dredge Superior to other ROV Units?

High Dredge Suction Rate
Vortex dredges have been designed to combine high suction values and high water volumes to tear up sticky soils with very high suction then keep it flowing with high water volume. Powerful, simple, effective.

Example: Getting a "RIDICULOUSLY THICK MILKSHAKE" ® ™ to move through a straw is similar to dredging a very sticky seabed and suction is key because if you drive a suction hose deep into sticky mud the water flow in the suction hose will often stall and the hose is essentially filled with a 'plug' of mud and only high suction will clear the hose. Once the hose is clear then water flow takes over. 
Suction does the work and water flow continues the work done.
VORTEX performance figures DO NOT have a small print clause with an Asterix symbol next to figures which would represent "best case Scenario" removal rates as opposed to actual removal rates.
VORTEX removal rates are ACTUAL removal rates as seen with actual material moved using Magnetite black iron sand and rocks weighing 2.375kg per liter as to the sample product.


Selecting the correct dredging equipment for your job is essential for both time efficiency and cost reduction. 
Unlike many competitors, we don't have disclaimers around our stated flow rates and guarantee that your dredging equipment will perform at the proven levels.
Select a Dredge
Selecting a Dredge Chart
Dredging Tools


As we design and develop our solutions from the ground up, we also offer a wide range of accessories and additional tools to help our clients maximize the efficiency of their dredging operations. We design and develop all of our accessories to work seamlessly with our dredging equipment so you know that our tools are fit for purpose. 
Dredging Tools
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