VORTEX Anchor Boss 
Suction Anchor Pump

Suction anchor pump for the installation and removing of suction anchor / suction piles. Real time flow and pressure readings with data logging. Available through Ashtead Technologies.

Anchor Pump Features:

This suction anchor pump is physically larger than some other pumps. This is a result of a deliberate decision to create the highest possible water flow with the least restrictive flow paths with high capacity suction and relief valves to match very high water flow rates.
  • Highly efficient pump with superior flow-rate using best practice principles of unrestricted water flow path to reduce insertion/extraction times and optimize site efficiency.
  • Erosion resistant impeller and housing.
  • Filtered suction into pump.
  • Data feedback redundancy via Perry UCD and topside laptop.
  • Task specific water flow meter integrated into pump unit to accurately measure water flow in both directions of flow.
  • Hard faces sealing arrangement and erosion resistant pump materials are resistant to high levels of sediment entrainment in product stream, improving reliability.
  • Suction and discharge entries screened for pump safety.
  • Pump valve-set has discharge hose connection to direct extracted pump flow away from work area to enhance visibility by reducing work area turbidity.
  • High flow suction and pressure relief valve module to ensure maximum safety from exceeding pd max. on caisson.
  • Real time Perry UCD Subsea display showing caisson pressure differential and water pump flow along with data logging topside laptop to allow clear picture of anchor installation/removal scheduling.
  • Flexibility of mounting. Vortex Anchor Boss can be mounted inside or outside the ROV frame with the supplied frame or in modular form inside the ROV.
  • Pump graph data gathered under real world conditions in pressure vessel blown down to 10bar (340ftsw)

Anchor Boss Walk Through

Software Operation

Benefits to the Customer:

Reduce Vessel Time:

Very high water flow (up to 240m3/hr) can significantly reduce suction pile install and removal times. Known flow figures give the ability to estimate install time on lump sum jobs.

Structural Safety:

High flow suction and relief pressure valves to protect pile integrity. The ability to risk review by being able to monitor in real time actual pressure against a given maximum pressure not to be exceeded.

Data Display:

Sub sea real time water flow in both directions and pressure in both directions.

Data Logging:

Topside laptop real time data logging of pump rpm, water flow in both directions and pressure in both directions.

Measure and Manage Quality:

Understand in real time the quality of your installation by measuring and displaying actual data to give the client a post install report on factors surrounding the pile install.

Anchor Boss Spec Sheet

Download Spec Sheet

Anchor Boss Operations Manual

Download Manual
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