Gas Hydrate Removal Brush

To be used in conjunction with Vortex reverse flow dredge or with Vortex water pump only as the motive water source.
Water jets on four sides and front of Hydrate cleaning brush utilizing high volume water (62 m3/hr with Tornado pump) and up to 80 psi water pressure (with Tornado pump) generate severe turbulence to break up and disperse the hydrate build up with water pressure and flow.
Mechanical action of bi-directional rotary bush serves to further break up hydrates. 
Soft bristles avoid damage to sensitive EFL and HFL assets.


  • Parallel brush specifically for class 1 to 4 torque buckets.
  • Ball type brush for general cleaning
  • Custom brushes are available upon request.
  • End caps have 20mm and 38mm holes to fit class 1 to 4 socket shafts.
  • Two brushes are included in the kit.
  • Hydrate Removal Brush in Use
    Brush Water Flow Holes
    Brush Discharge Holes

    Hydrate Removal Brush Spec Sheet

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    Vortex Product Brouchure

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