Marine Rotary Hoe

A new tool to our product range soon to undergo sub sea evaluation, designed specifically for dredging in difficult soils that may be hard or very 'sticky' where water jetting has up till now been the only option.

The principle here is to mechanically break up the soil composition and fluidize it in the same motion so it can be sucked away through the mouth of the tool. This tool retrofits to the suction inlet hose of our existing 3, 4 and 6 inch dredges with simple cam locks and adapter as shown.

Marine Rotary Hoe Kpa Testing


Deep Sea Rotary Hoe Specifications

  • Weight = 23 kg
  • Hydraulic supply = 20 lpm (5gpm) and 103 bar (1500psi)
  • Tyne rotation = 250 RPM
  • Rotational torque = 30 ft/lb (40Nm)
  • 150mm (6 inch) internal diameter
  • Bi-directional rotation
  • Officially tested on land in AP 40 crushed aggregate (rocks and sand) at 100 to 150kPa
  • Officially tested on land in volcanic ash / clay soils at 90 kPa
  • Self clearing tynes
  • Self adjusting linkages
  • Environmentally friendly bearings - no oil.
  • Will be supplied as standalone tool with hydraulic hoses, pressure reducing cross port relief valve, cam lock adapter to suit host dredge system and ROV handle.

Marine Rotary Hoe Spec Sheet

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Vortex Product Brouchure

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