Riser Flushing Pump

Introduction and assembly

Please find included two pumps which have been built specifically for the purpose of flushing a pipeline.

Each pump will need assembly with included outlet nozzle Item 1 and suction strainer Item 2 so the pump looks like this Fig 1. You can mount the outlet nozzle in which ever orientation suits your situation. Pump mounting brackets are also supplied.
The check valve Item 3 on the case drain is 100 psi and designed to counter act the high water pump pressures and prevent shaft seal failure. DO NOT remove this check valve. Simply connect case drain hose to the outlet fitting of this check valve and run case drain hose to tank as per normal.


Hydraulic requirement: 
Pressure = 3000 psi (206 bar), Flow = 19.8 gpm (75 lpm)

Water pump performance: 
11 l/sec @112psi water pump output pressure. 

Water pump performance: 
5.5 l/sec @ 120psi water pump output pressure. 

Weight of pump: 
43 kg in water
    Riser Flushing Pump in Box


    • Two pumps complete with case drain check valve
    • Two suction strainers with hard ware / bolts
    • Two outlet nozzles with hard ware / bolts
    • Two 3-inch female cam lock to two inch male BSPT adapters
    • Four individual aluminium pump brackets
    • Two sets of 3 meter long hydraulic hoses - comprising -8 pressure, -8 return, -6 case drain
    • Flow chart / performance chart for pumps

    Two pumps will be supplied only upon request

    Item 4 contains the over run valve.
    Riser Flushing Pump

    Riser Pump Performance Graph

    Riser Pump Performance Graph

    Riser Flushing Pump Specifications

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    Vortex Product Brouchure

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