ROV Oil Spill Mat

Dimensions = 100cm x 100cm
Weight (dry) = 3kg
Simply pull back Velcro seams to replace absorbent pad when full. 
Multiple uses from one base mat. 
Oil absorbent capacity is approximately 12ltrs per m2 - this will vary depending on viscosity, specific gravity & temperature. 
Two internal heavy duty oil/fuel absorbent mats catch and absorb the spill. 
Mats are manufactured from Envirosorb™, a highly  absorbent hydrophobic (water repellent) polypropylene. 
Open weave, non-slip top of the mat allows easy penetration of spilt liquid.
Applications: Under ROV, crane, HPU, hoses, fuel tanks, storage drums, doorways, exits……
Absorbent Velcro Spill Pad
ROV Spill Mat
Oil and Rags Before
ROV Spill Mat in Use
Spill Mat Layers

Use when bleeding ROV hydraulics:

  • Prevent bolts and components falling into oil bund during ROV servicing.
  • Cheaper alternative to custom made oil bunds on temporary and permanent deck installations around winches..
    Spill Mat Catching Fluids
    Mat Beside ROV

    Absorbent Mat Spec Sheet

    Oil & Fuel Mat Specifications

    Vortex Product Brouchure

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